Mickey Jupp, 70, younger than yesterday

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Requests from England made me publish this article in English about the birthday of Mickey Jupp. (Originally published March 11, 2014).

Photograph: Carina ÖsterlingMickey Jupp opens the door to his life as a performer and artist.

Through a 22 Swedish miles long drive, over rock and stone, from early morning followed by a flight from Manchester to Örebro, short stop in Solna and then train, I just landed back home in Örebro. Full Juppyfied.
   I've had a once in a lifetime experience. I have been to Cumbria, The Lake District. During the few days and nights, I have enjoyed both an impressive nature, a boundless hospitality (lovely English word!) and additionally incredibly timeless and totally unforgettable live rock music on top of everything positive.
   Mickey Jupp, the father of the 70's pubrock if there is any, turned 70 on Thursday and a small personal celebration was arranged at his pub Brook House Inn and next day we were invited to a concert at the hotel/pub The Woolpack Inn that we stayed at.
   We got into the flight to Manchester on Wednesday, the rental car took us to the scenic Cumbria. On the way up we made the typical mistake of taking the road past the tourist trap Blackpool, got stuck in Fleetwood (to sour comments on Facebook) before we reached the Cumbria peninsula.
   In the Eskdale area lies the small village of Boot, where Mickey Jupp has lived since 1983. On the big birthday on Thursday Lasse Kärrbäck (who runs the Mickey Jupp website), me and our wifes went to Mickey's home in Boot. On the way past the Book House Inn, Mickey's local where his favourite Holly works at the bar, we were let in at Mickey's bohemian home with instruments and recording equipment upstairs.
   Mickey told among other things that the new songs he is currently working on is called "Seeking perfection"and "Fine China". He also told me that it was a pleasure to write new material, but it was hell to record.
   - As soon as the red light shines , I think it will be difficult to achieve, make the most of the song and it locks up, he says. Mickey has always had a kind of performance anxiety both on stage and in the recording studio that often made him change ambition or quite drastically withdraw. He is of a sensitive nature who prefers to remain anonymous and not be centered in the tough music industry. He is a paradox in other words.
      His side project as an artist is a more calmer activity. And even more profitable. Which he admits while he in a good mood packs two more sold paintings autographed Michael Jupp for me and Lasse. My choice was "Doctor' bridge", a detailed painting in watercolors of the bridge over the River Esk winding down the valley.
   In the afternoon of his birthday a large amount of friends and fans to Mickey was collected for a dinner at the Brook House Inn.
   - I'm the boss, said Mickey and sat on the short side of the table. Festivities ended at the bar, cheers and specialty baked and tasty cakes made by Sirkka Härmä from Finland. During two days in Eskdale the odd combination cake and beer became a tradition and a new experience.
   A cheerful and surprisingly hilarious Mickey told some memories and epsiodes from a long so-called career. He also showed off his special place in the corner at the bar of the Brook House Inn. With some pride, he also presented the sign "Grumpy Corner" (see picture above). Mickey is often described by the English word "curmudgeonly" (look up the word!) but this night, and the next it was a sociable, friendly and spirited Mickey who wanted to take all people in his arms.
   Birthday was followed by a Friday which ended with a Mickey Jupp concert together with his permanent sidekick and guitarist Mo Witham at The Woolpack Inn. At home in his apartment on Thursday morning Mickey revealed that he would start the concert with "Cheque Book" but the set list otherwise he would "listen to the audience" and then decide the songs spontaneously.

Mickey Jupp offers birthday cake to his fans Here it is Göran Normann and Pete Wagstaff.

All photographs: Carina ÖsterlingMickey meets his fans at his favourite pub Brook House Inn. Here he talks to Lars from Norway.

/ Håkan

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